Oct 17, 2008

To ink or not to ink

Do you think it's wrong to "ink" an image using the computer? I've always inked my drawings the traditional way, but as of late, I've been "inking" my drawings with my Wacom tablet. I guess I like the ability to hit Command Z and start from scratch while maintaining the original image.

I understand that using traditional methods for inking a sketch will at times produce "happy accidents". I think that with the advent of specialized textured brushes for Photoshop allowing you to mimic a piece of charcoal, nib or pencil, the computer has become a very powerful tool. And that's exactly what it is, a tool. I guess I get too hung up on what method is used and if it's proper in the eyes of other artists.

I know it's up to me to decide how to complete a drawing, and I will continue to ink both the traditional way and the computerized way. I guess it comes down to what kind of image I want to produce.

Wow. Yesterday's post and today's sound like a therapy session. Thanks for attending it!

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