Sep 28, 2007

IF - The Blues

I remembered, with the help of Elizabeth Dulemba, that I too have a Bluebird drawing. I did this for my mother-in-law who loves birds.

I've begun to post a daily image on my blog. It's a nice challenge, and gives those little crazy thoughts I have a life.

Thanks in advance!

Sep 27, 2007

Sep 25, 2007

Soap Box

I'm really not understanding this whole "soap box" thing...

Well, I have decided to challenge myself and produce an image a day. I got this idea from the brilliant Michael Renouf.

It will be formidable to create a new image each day, but in a way, it's very liberating. I can post an image that comes from my wandering mind, and be happy with it. It may be a weird idea, or it could be a portfolio piece.

I am very excited and anxious.

Thank you all in advance for your support!

Sep 21, 2007

IF - Juggle

Mama Jug and her "Jugglings"...

Long time no post. I've been busy working on portfolio pieces and just relaxing.

Also, I've spent some time thinking about the direction of my work and what feels right to me. For far too long I've distanced myself from my sarcastic humor and my cartooning. I've decided to follow this route, and in my heart, I know I will be successful.

2 big inspirations to me are Michael Renouf and Christoph Niemann. They have brilliant concepts, and fantastic work. I strive for that in my work.

Thanks in advance for your comments!