Nov 26, 2006

IF - Invention


Some "fun" inventions that have helped out in my life. Some good, some bad, but all very useful!

Keep up the great work!

Left to right: beer(particularly Newcastle), the iPod, Email (especially Gmail), Moleskine sketchbooks, Orbit gum, artificial light, cell phones, glasses, football, the internet, soda, the ballpoint pen, tv, pizza, watercolors, the Griffin iTrip

Nov 14, 2006

IF - Clear


The one piece of equipment that makes my world clear.

Kinda ironic, an artist with astigmatism (glasses since kindergarten!)

Great work, Illustration Fridayers!!

Nov 6, 2006

IF - Smoke


I guess I'm still on my ghost-like hand and squiggly line phase. Hmmmm...

I've enjoyed all of the pieces I've seen thus far. Keep up the great work!