Mar 28, 2007

IF - I Spy...


I Spy, out of the corner of my eye, an idea that got away...

A quick little sketch I did while bored at work. Great work Illustration Fridayers!

ps.. does anyone know how to get rid of the line around the image box? Thanks in advance!

Mar 21, 2007

IF - Total


I'm TOTALly pissed that I couldn't come up with anything for, here sits a blank sheet.

Great work, Illustration Fridayers!

Mar 12, 2007

IF - Wired


For all of you Soprano fans.

For those who have not seen The Sopranos, Vincent Pastore plays Salvatore 'Big Pussy' Bonpensiero. In the show he wears an FBI wire to help bring down the Soprano crime family. Well, let's just say that later he "swims with the fishes".

I haven't done a portrait in a long time. I need a lot of practice.

Mar 7, 2007

IF - Hide


"She hid her emotions in the only place she knew no one would look."

Great work, Illustration Fridayers!