Mar 31, 2009

Poised flight

Adj. 1. poised - marked by balance or equilibrium and readiness for action; "a gull in poised flight"

I don't think the bird had this in mind when he started out for the day...

Mar 30, 2009

Spring snow showers bring...

Had a little snowstorm last night into this morning. About 3 inches. Now it's all melting. What was the point of that storm?

Last night Becky and I watched Anthony Bourdain's "No Reservations" Tokyo episode. This may sound a bit corny, but that episode was VERY inspirational. The one part that really resonated with me was when they showed the art of Ikebana. The attention to form, space and line is simply amazing.

The Japanese culture is also very inspirational. The attention to detail, the utmost importance of process, and the beautiful use of negative space and simplicity is what I aspire to create with my work.

Mar 28, 2009

Senior Illustration Project - 1997: Da big bad wolf

More work from my Senior project.

Sorry for the quality. The originals are too big to scan, and I don't want to take apart my only book.

Mar 27, 2009

Precise measurement

An idea that came to mind while reading an article on one of the biggest diamond heists in history.

I still suck at coming up with clever titles...

Mar 26, 2009

Gestures of War - Wired

I'm going to try something a little different and start posting my ideas for articles that I read.

These are some concepts for an article I read in Wired magazine titled "Gestures of War"; it's about how companies are trying to patent hand/finger gestures.

I like the finger with the wavy target and the hand with the rings coming out of each one.

I'll still post my PUN-ditries when they pop into my head. It may be a little random, but that's how my mind works.

Thanks again for visiting, and for your support. It definitely keeps me goin and wanting to better myself!

Mar 25, 2009

Mar 23, 2009

Senior Illustration Project - 1997: Individual Drawings

Some individual drawings for layout purposes. I used ink and watercolor for these images. It's weird looking at my old work and comparing it to what I'm doing now.

Mar 21, 2009

Senior Illustration Project - 1997

The cover to my senior Illustration project. My take on The 3 Little Pigs.

I was quite inspired by Ralph Steadman. What a mess...

I need to find the slides so I can share more images with you.

Mar 20, 2009

Fragile Economic State: Part II

Another take on the subject matter.

The State of California. I suppose you could put any state in there, but California works well.

Mar 18, 2009

Zip Code

Playing around with texture and such. I like the simpler approach while maintaining my line work...

Mar 14, 2009

Walking sideways...

A touch late, but oh well...zzz..

I've been working OT on the weekends so I can buy an iPhone. Goooooood...

Mar 13, 2009

No doodling in bed!

This is what happens when you eat cookies, drink wine, and doodle in bed. Beware!

I think I've gotten over the I-wish-my-sketchbook-looked-cool-like-James-Jean's-sketchbook! phase...

Mar 12, 2009


Final, sketch, and with white lines.

The final isn't the greatest. I'd like to rework it. I definitely like the sketch.

I'd like to make things a little more simple. How, I don't know yet.

Mar 11, 2009


Playing around with texture and use of white space (I think).

Another version of this piece: Similar

I kind of like Similar better. It's has the simplicity that I'm trying to achieve, and includes my line work as well. Hmmm...

Mar 8, 2009

Tremors on the beach...

You would think that a trip to Florida wouldn't be so dangerous for Becky. Poor people. They have no clue what's going on.

Mar 7, 2009

Mar 6, 2009

Mechanical thought process

If I think too hard, the gears start to get hot. So, if you smell smoke around me, it's just my brain...

I may color it later.

Mar 3, 2009


Sorry, no drawing today. Long day, long night; little sleep.