Mar 13, 2009

No doodling in bed!

This is what happens when you eat cookies, drink wine, and doodle in bed. Beware!

I think I've gotten over the I-wish-my-sketchbook-looked-cool-like-James-Jean's-sketchbook! phase...


nonstickplans said...

Looks like some weird dream, Mike. Were you asleep when you doodled it? Freud would have a field day.

I like the unicorn, though feel a bit sorry for him if he's really going to dive into that paint pot.

Michael said...

Hey Michael, thanks for the comment!

I stink at drawing horses/unicorns, so that's why he has a Snoopy body.

Actually, I do have really weird dreams. I guess I should use my subconscious more often!

Lodo Grdzak said...

Looks good. Like it.

Josh (musarter) said...

Great unicorn.

I know what you mean about James Jean.