Sep 30, 2008

Red Dye 40

"All foods containing artificial colors (such as red dye 40) or artificial flavorings should be avoided. Artificial additives can cause various adverse reactions, including mood swings, depression, fatigue, headache, rash, aggression, irritability, and attention difficulties, among others."

I have been drinking and eating a lot of products that have red dye 40 in them, and have noticed it affects me quite a bit. Not fun. I've been moody, crabby, depressed, etc. I've stopped eating/drinking anything with this dye. Hopefully my mood will change soon...

I still intend on seeking help to balance my moods, though.

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Marcia said...

Why not just check out the Feingold Association (, where you can order information that includes a book that lists thousands of brand name foods that do not contain any of the synthetic dyes or artificial flavors? The dyes are made from petroleum, and nobody needs to eat the awful things!