Jul 24, 2008

From the edge of sanity...

I started this little project of doing a drawing a day back on September 25, 2007. It was quite the goal, and it was a ton of fun, and a lot of headaches. However, at this point, I feel it is quite necessary to step back, and reassess what direction my work is going.

I have gained an unbelievable amount of growth in my work, my process, brainstorming, etc. But at some point, in the blur of doing these pieces, I could feel and see that the product wasn’t turning out the way it should. At times I’ve struggled for ideas, and other times they’ve flowed as if the flood gates had been opened. A lot of sleepless nights which, honestly, I liked because that meant I hadn’t hit a wall. But, walls are always going to be there, and I’ve learned to sit back and take what comes to me, and not let “myself get in the way” (Thank you, Mr. Renouf).

I’m not going to stop posting completely. In fact, I’ll still post about 3 – 4 pieces per week. I’m just going to ease up on the gas pedal a little, and get back to producing work I know I’m capable of. I’m going to sketch more, observe more, and take in what’s around me. I’ve been inspired by a lot of work out there lately. I’m not going to copy what others have done, but use their talent as fodder for me to improve mine.

Thank you all who continue to come to my blog, and who will continue to tune in, and to those who are new. You have no idea what your support means to me. I don’t want to disappoint the masses (hee hee hee…masses), but I feel this is what I need to do at this time. I promise that I will continue to post my ideas, thoughts, etc.

Most importantly, I’d like to thank my wife, Becky, for being a passenger on this ride (though, I’m not sure she signed up for it). Her ability to listen to me complain, to listen to my wild ideas, to know exactly what to say when I’m pulling out my hair. She has been a huge inspiration. Thanks, baby!

Thanks for listening, and I’ll be seeing you soon!


El Siglo del Ruido said...

I understand you completely, this shouldnt be a burden. At the long run taking it a little easier will make you more productive.

Lodo Grdzak said...

Its good to push yourself, but pacing's important too. You've got a great blog, I look at it all the time. What does it matter if you post everyday or every week so long as you continue to see the aesthetics of the world around you. Push yourself too hard and you lose that. Or at least, I would.

Connie said...

Thanks for visiting my site, which fortunately lead me to come and look at your amazing work. I love the series which starts with Generational! Hope the posting has become a pleasure again; your work certainly has given me that.

Lee said...

Looking forward to seeing what you offer next!

Josh (musarter) said...

3 to 4 week is still a lot for most peoples art. I will look forward to seeing more refined work.

I am glad that, we the people, have been encouraging in your journey.