Sep 25, 2006

IF - Phobia


Ideophobia. Something us artists shouldn't have.

This topic stumped me at first. I googled "phobia", and there are a ton out there. I ran across Ideophobia, and thought it would be a challenge. While my wife, Becky, and I were driving out to Madison, I began to think that I should do another phobia, since I was struggling with this one, but as soon as I thought that, this image came to mind. A person afraid to "think outside of the box". This site is great for quick, challenging ideas.


IdiotHead said...

Great idea. I like the way this is executed. I sometimes have trouble thinking outside the box. It's amazing what you can do once you are outside.

ink2ink said...

Wonderfully executed illustration.

inkyMonk said...

Very powerful conceptually and visually. Thank you for the pleasure.