Sep 18, 2006

IF - Change


Long time no post. My wife and I purchased a house in June, and have been working quite a bit on it. I can finally relax a little and start posting again.

This isn't one of my best pieces, but I've decided to use Illustration Friday as a quick, 2 hour turn around piece. Whatever comes to mind, I'll quickly do it.

I am going to receive my first round of postcards to send out tomorrow. Wish me luck! I'll be mailing postcards every 4 months, or every quarter. I'll be updating my blog with what's goin on, how the road towards freelance illustration is going, and so forth. It's nice to be creative again!


the enigma said...

i think it is a beautiful watercolor. lovely colors.

hemelsgroen said...

I actually like the simplicity of this. Very subtle with the shadow, good work

r.prat said...

very nice :)

tusen said...

lovely colours

nirmala said...

beautiful ..luv this...luv the colors!!