Mar 21, 2006

Illustration Friday - Feet


Here's my interpretation of the word "feet". I went through several ideas before this one popped in my head (while I was on the phone at work).

Currently, I am working on a piece for my portfolio based on the "impending" burst of the housing market bubble (I hope not. My wife and I are going to start looking for our first house next month). After that, I am going to do some spot illustrations on anti-virus software, Firewall, etc. I'll post those on my blog, and feel free to comment on them.

Question. Does anyone know when it is a good time of the week to send out postcards? My cards are going to print this weekend, and I am wondering if there is a good time to send them, like a Monday or Tuesday, so the art directors can get a quick glance and not bogged down by so many at the same time. Thanks for the help and comments!


Neal said...

This is lovely

Queen Tut said...

Nice perspective!

Esha 06 said...

your interpretation is great! i love the innosence of this piece as well as its simplicity.

Roz Foster said...

Prescious image. Great use of perspective. A wonderful character and expression. Beautiful work!