May 6, 2009


In order of importance, of course.

I will be taking a break for a bit from posting regularly on my blog. I am taking courses to learn certain programs that will allow me to pursue my Masters degree. I still intend on posting, but it won't be as much as I have in the past.

Updating and improving my illustration portfolio is still a priority, and I'll continue to create pieces of interest. My focus is now on the classes, and I have adopted the "quality, not quantity" motto when it comes to my illustrative/story telling work. Believe me, I draw everyday, so I may post some doodles, and will get ideas from said doodling. In fact, I have a few ideas I'd like to post soon that I came up with today.

Thank you for your support, and continued support. Hopefully I can keep you coming back with posts here and there.

See ya soon!


Apparently I don't know how to spell. "GatewaRy"? I'll fix it tonight!




nonstickplans said...

Goord lurck with your clarsses, Mirke.

Michael said...


I guerss my inteRnal sperll cherck didnr't woRk!

I hatre marking eRRoRs likre thrat...

SLW said...

Very creative way to look at this topic!

Lodo Grdzak said...

Keep striving.

AtelierBrigitte said...

Great take on this topic.

Been scrolling through your blog, and you have a twisted mind (in a positive way!!) to look at things around you and put them onto paper! There are really great concepts!

tsu-mina said...

Nice concept!

won tsuen said...

haha interesting
i'm sure some people would disagree with the order of importance though~

Josh (musarter) said...

Great idea, executed well. Been awhile, maybe another great while.