Jul 8, 2007

IF - Geeky

The subtle differences between Geeks and Nerds...

I myself am a geek. I was 10 when Transformers came out, and I'm still a fan today. I've even begun to collect the figures again. The movie was great, and I'll be buying it as soon as the DVD comes out.

Not really happy with this piece. It looks a bit sloppy and washed out. Not "clean" enough. I do like the direction I'm going though. A little more graphic, which I like.

Great work Illustration Fridayers!


macgirl said...

I like the comparison. (Transformers was a good movie!)And I like the choice of red in the background. THe one on the right makes me think of the guy in Back to the Future. :)

d said...

everyone's got a little geek in 'em.

nice colors and look.

the one on the right is totally mcfly.

tt_b said...

wow... a distinction I'd never even thought about... very interesting.

Also, your man there is really quite handsome, isn't he..?

Michelle Lana said...

Heheh...great take!