May 22, 2006

Illustration Friday - Sorry


"i'm sorry for what i've done
i went into it like a man
and the only thing on my skin
is some beach blown images"

- rogue wave "salesman at the day of the parade"

Here's my take on the topic "sorry"...I'm currently working on a poster for Rogue Wave who is going to play in Madison on 6/22. I really like the image, and like that passage from the song. So I figured, what the hell, I'll included the saying and image together. The bird, sitting on top of the tree, sorta represents someone hiding up high, sorrowful and apologetic.

I've added the concert poster to my main blog. Please visit and give any suggestions and/or criticism. Thanks!


Jules said...

Beautiful. Love the idea and the colours. I'd treat the type on "sorry" a wee bit differently but that's just me. Love the bird.

JO said...

I also love your color selection. Great graphics.

hemelsgroen said...

Great composition and colours. I especially love the bird and his sad posture. Well done!

murphy girl said...

this is so beautiful; what a movie does to make you feel, this image also does...does that make sense? i love it!